The Basic RiderCourse (BRC1)



The BRC1 is designed for those who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, those who have some riding experience and want to get their NJ motorcycle license/endorsement. It is a 3-day, 18-hour course that consists of three parts; first you take a 3-4 hour interactive online course, which you do at home at your own pace (Basic eCourse), then you attend a live 4-5 hour classroom session with other students taking the course and then you take approximately 10 hours of practice riding in a large, enclosed parking lot with 11 other students taking the course. You get hands-on training with two certified motorcycle safety instructors. There is a written Knowledge Test based on the information contained in the Basic eCourse material and the live classroom material. There is also a riding Skill Test after all the practice riding exercises have been completed. If you pass both the Knowledge Test and the Skill Test, the NJ MVC allows us to give you paperwork that waives the NJ MVC motorcycle written permit test and the NJ MVC motorcycle road test. So you can get your motorcycle license/endorsement in 18 hours without having to take the NJ MVC motorcycle written permit test and the NJ MVC road test. It's that simple.

You do not need a motorcycle permit to attend this course as long as you have a valid Driver License. You do not qualify for the NJ MVC waivers unless you have a valid NJ Driver License. (If you do not have a valid Driver License, you will need a valid motorcycle permit to attend the course. However, you will not qualify for the waivers. You will still have to take the MVC road test). If you have an out-of-State Driver License, you will not qualify for the waivers unless your State reciprocates the BRC1 completion card or you move to NJ within 180 days after completing the BRC1.

If you are under the age of 18, you are required by law to take the BRC1 if you want to get a NJ motorcycle license/endorsement. You must have a NJ Driver License and written parental/guardian permission confirmed by a witness or notary is required before taking the course.

What Will I Learn in the BRC1?

You will learn; 

  • What riding gear is the best to wear 
  • How all the motorcycle controls work and how to use each one
  • How to start a motorcycle, take off and stop and practice doing each one
  • How to properly turn and shift gears and practice doing them
  • How to perform slow speed maneuvers and practice doing them
  • How to stop quickly and safely in the shortest distance and practice doing it
  • How to swerve to avoid a hazard and practice doing it
  • How to develop situational awareness to avoid a crash
  • How to use 2/4/12 to avoid a crash
  • How to ride in rain and wind
  • How to start off on a hill without stalling
  • How your risk-taking level and riding skill level can determine your chances of crashing
  • Why motorcycles crash

and much, much more. You'll learn things that your friends, relatives and YouTube can't teach you.

What Do I Need to Attend the BRC1?

For the live classroom session, you need to bring a pen, a valid photo ID Driver License and your Basic eCourse Completion Certificate. (When you complete the Basic eCourse online, you will be able to print the Completion Certificate. When you sign-up for the BRC1, the confirmation email will tell you how to access the Basic eCourse for free). 

For the practice riding exercises, you will need the following; 

  1. Demonstrate your ability to ride a bicycle.
  2. Sturdy over-the-ankle leather footwear.
  3. Durable long pants. (No light material pants).
  4. A long sleeve garment (shirt, sweat shirt, jacket).
  5. Full-fingered gloves.
  6. Eye-protection (glasses, sunglasses, goggles, face-shield).
  7. A DOT (Department of Transportation) motorcycle helmet. (We have some full-face motorcycle helmets available if you do not have a motorcycle helmet).

You will not be allowed to ride the practice riding exercises unless you have all of the last six items listed above. (If you do not have all of the last six items listed above for the practice riding exercises, you will be dismissed from the class and forfeit all your money).

We supply the training motorcycles that are used for the practice riding exercises unless you want to use your own motorcycle or scooter that is registered, inspected & insured.  Our fleet of training motorcycles consists of 125cc (we have the popular Honda Monkey, Honda Groms and Kawasaki Pros), 200cc (Suzuki Van Van), 250cc (Suzuki GZs), and 301cc (we have the new BMW) motorcycles.


You must be able to place both of your feet flat on the ground when sitting on our training motorcycles. If you are not sure about the Height Requirement, stop by our training location on the weekend during a training session and sit on one of our training motorcycles before registering for one of our BRC1 classes. 

Classroom and Practice Riding Location

The live classroom session of the course is held on MSU's campus and the practice riding exercises are held in Montclair State University's parking Lot 60 off Clove Rd. The confirmation email will tell you where both are located. The times and dates of each will be based on the class you sign-up for. The AM weekend class starts Tuesday night promptly at 5:45 PM and continues on Saturday morning (7:30 am - 1:30 pm) and finishes up on Sunday morning (7:30 am - 2:00 pm). The PM weekend class also starts Tuesday night promptly at 5:45 PM and continues on Saturday afternoon (12:30 pm - 7:00 pm) and finishes up on Sunday afternoon (12:30 pm - 7:00 pm). The WK weekday class also starts Tuesday night promptly at 5:45 PM and continues on Thursday morning (7:30 am - 1:30 pm) and finishes up on Friday morning (7:30 am - 2:00 pm).


Our price for the BRC1 is only $319. There is a $100 discount for current Montclair State University students and staff. We also offer a 10% discount for active and retired military, police, firefighters and EMT's. We appreciate our first responders and those with military service. (Show your MSU ID or first responder ID or military ID as proof on the first day of the class. The discount will be refunded on your credit card after the first day of class).

How Do I Sign-up for the BRC1?

Click here to go to our Course Schedule page and select the class you want to attend. We accept all major credit cards. Courses are offered on weekends from April to October and on weekdays from May to August. Click here to READ OUR CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS POLICY BEFORE YOU SIGN-UP FOR A CLASS SO YOU KNOW YOUR OPTIONS ABOUT REFUNDS, SWITCHING CLASSES, NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTEND A CLASS YOU SIGNED-UP FOR, DROPPING OUT OF A CLASS, ARRIVING LATE FOR A CLASS, BEING DISMISSED FROM A CLASS. 


Want Some Practice Using a Clutch Before Taking the BRC1?

Many of our students have never driven a clutch vehicle before. Some don't even know what a clutch is. Almost all motorcycles have a clutch. You need the clutch to take off, stop and shift gears. If you have no clutch experience or had a bad experience using a clutch, you may want to take the IME Course before taking the BRC1. Click here for more information about the IME.

Want To Take a Glimpse of What the BRC1 is Like?

Click this video.

MVC Testing Centers

Once you successfully complete the course, take your waiver paperwork to one of these MVC locations and only one of these locations within 180 days (6 months) of completing the course. The waiver expires 180 days after it has been issued and another one can not be reissued unless you take the course again. You will also have to bring 6 points of identification, take an MVC eye test and pay for a new Driver License based on the pro rata expiration date of your current Driver License. MVC will then put an M in the endorsement section on your Driver License. You are not legally licensed to ride a motorcycle on public roads in NJ unless you have a valid and current NJ motorcycle permit (riding is restricted and limited), an M endorsement on your Driver License or a Motorcycle License.

  • Bakers Basin
  • Bayonne
  • Camden
  • Cardiff
  • Cherry Hill
  • Eatontown
  • Edison
  • Freehold
  • Lodi
  • Newark
  • Newton (Sparta Ave)
  • North Bergen
  • Paterson
  • Rahway
  • Randolph
  • Rio Grande
  • Salem (East Broadway)
  • Trenton
  • Vineland
  • Washington
  • Wayne (Rt. 46)
  • West Deptford

Gift Certificates

If you want to order a Gift Certificate for the BRC1 for someone, click here.


I was reluctant to take the course because my friends were teaching me how to ride. Boy, am I glad I did. I had a close call and the techniques I learned in the course helped me avoid disaster.......Ulysses Infante

I took the basic course at two other places in Northern NJ. They both told me to leave because I wasn't getting it. Plus, the instructors yelled and screamed all the time. I was determined to get my license. The third time was the charm. John and Super Dave were great and gave me tips all the other instructors didn't. I should have come to your school first. And yes, you guys are the best in NJ.....Patrice Youmans

I came to your school because you were highly recommended. I knew nothing about riding a motorcycle. After completing the course, I fell in love with riding. I ride every weekend, even during the winter, all over the State. You guys are phenomenal!......Milos Stanlovic

I already knew how to ride (or at least I thought I did) before taking the course. I just wanted to take the course to get my license. Wow! I learned what I was doing wrong and learned things that I would have never learned anywhere else. Excellent course! It should be mandatory for all who want to get a motorcycle license........Tony Zitto

I took the course on my scooter. The information taught in the course is very valuable no matter what type of motorcycle you ride. And yes, a scooter is considered a motorcycle........Pamela Lee Dumaris

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