The Experienced RiderCourse

The Experienced Rider Course (ERC) now called the BRC2

This course is for riders who;

a) Have a valid and current NJ motorcycle permit, their own insured and registered motorcycle that is 232cc or greater and want to get their NJ motorcycle license/endorsement in one day.

b) For those riders who already have their motorcycle license/endorsement and want to further develop their riding skills and keep them sharp to help them avoid a motorcycle crash.


Research indicates that the vast majority of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes are the result of the other vehicle operator violating a right of way traffic law. The research also indicates that the vast majority of single-vehicle motorcycle crashes are the result of the rider entering a curve/turn with excessive speed. The research concludes that both types of crashes are avoidable if the rider has good mental and physical riding skills and keeps both of them sharp. 

By periodically practicing good riding techniques, you develop "muscle memory" which means when something unexpected occurs, your brain automatically tells your body what to do. There is no thinking of what to do. It's an automatic response. When confronted with a panic situation, you will always revert to your habits, which develop through constant repetition or training. This is why the military and first responders train constantly. Motorcyclists should do the same.

As an extra bonus, successfully completing the BRC2 entitles you to an insurance discount if your insurance company participates in the State Defensive Driving program and a 2-point reduction on your Driver License if you have points on your driving record. (The BRC2 is registered with the NJ MVC as an approved Defense Driving Course).

How long is the BRC2 Course and what does it consist of?

The BRC2 we offer is a 1-day, 11-hour course that consists of a 3-4 hour online course which you do at home at your own pace (eCourse - which is the same eCourse for the BRC1), a 3-hour live classroom session followed the same day by 5 hours of practice riding in a large, enclosed parking lot using your own motorcycle. (If you already took the BRC1 eCourse, just re-print the Completion Certificate).

For those taking the course to get their motorcycle license/endorsement, the insurance discount and/or the 2-point reduction, there is a written Knowledge Test based on the information contained in the classroom material. For those taking the course to get their motorcycle license/endorsement, there is also a riding Skill Test after all the practice riding exercises have been completed. If you pass both the Knowledge Test and the Skill Test, the NJ MVC allows us to give you paperwork that waives the NJ MVC motorcycle road test so you can get your NJ motorcycle license/endorsement without having to take the NJ MVC road test.

What Will I Learn in the BRC2?

 You will learn and practice; 

  • The best path of travel to take when negotiating curves to make turning easier and smoother
  • Stopping quickly and safely in the shortest distance so you can avoid hitting that car that pulls out in front of you at the last second
  • Swerving so you can avoid a hazard in the road
  • How to develop situational awareness to help you avoid a crash
  • How to use 2/4/12 to help you avoid a crash
  • How to ride in rain and wind
  • How to ride over slippery surfaces
  • How to ride over obstacles in the road like potholes, wood, etc.
  • How to start off on a hill without stalling
  • Slow speed maneuvers and U-turns to gain better control of your motorcycle

and much, much more. You'll learn and discover things that you didn't know before and you'll be able to handle and control your motorcycle better. We teach old dogs new tricks.

What Do I Need to Attend the BRC2?

You will need the following;

  1. A pen for the live classroom session.
  2. Your Driver License, Motorcycle License or valid NJ motorcycle permit.
  3. Your motorcycle registration.
  4. Your motorcycle insurance card.
  5. Sturdy over-the-ankle leather footwear.
  6. Durable long pants. (No light material pants).
  7. A long sleeve garment (shirt, sweat shirt, jacket).
  8. Full-fingered gloves.
  9. Eye-protection (glasses, sunglasses, goggles, face-shield).
  10. A DOT (Department of Transportation) motorcycle helmet. 

You will not be allowed to ride the practice riding exercises unless you have items 2-10 listed above. (If you do not have items 2-10 listed above for the practice riding exercises, you will be dismissed from the class and forfeit all of your money).  

Classroom & Practice Riding Times and Location

The 1-day BRC2 is conducted on a Sunday. The live classroom session starts at 8:30 AM and is followed by the 5-hour practice riding session. The location for the live classroom session will be mentioned in the confirmation e-mail when you sign-up for the course. The practice riding exercises are held at Montclair State University in parking lot 60 located at 35 Clove Rd in Little Falls (off Rt. 46 East) behind the student bus platform and the bus garage. 


Our price for the BRC2 is only $125 (License Waiver included). Several motorcycle clubs offer a rebate for taking the BRC2. If you are a member of a motorcycle club, see if the club offers a rebate for taking the BRC2.  

How Do I Sign-up for the BRC2?

Click here to go to our Course Schedule page and select the class you want to attend. We accept all major credit cards. Click here to READ OUR CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS PAGE BEFORE YOU SIGN-UP FOR A CLASS SO YOU KNOW YOUR OPTIONS ABOUT REFUNDS, SWITCHING CLASSES, NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTEND A CLASS YOU SIGNED-UP FOR, DROPPING OUT OF A CLASS, ARRIVING LATE FOR A CLASS, BEING DISMISSED FROM A CLASS.  If the BRC2 is not posted, sign-up for our newsletter so you'll be notified when the next one will be held. Also "Like" our Facebook page to be notified when the next one will be held.

Gift Certificates

If you want to order a Gift Certificate for the BRC2 for someone, click here.


On behalf of the Bergen County HOG Chapter, I want to thank you for the private BRC2 you held for us. All the chapter members enjoyed the course, had fun, and learned quite a few new things. Great course. Great instructors......Richie Schenone, Director of the BC Hogs

I had to take the course in order to be a Road Captain for my HOG Chapter. I've been riding for 23 years and I thought there was nothing new for me to learn. Man, was I mistaken. I realized how bad a rider I was. My physical and riding skills have improved 100%. It should be mandatory that every motorcyclist take the course once a year. It would help to reduce motorcycle accidents.  And yes, I'll agree. You guys are the best.....Peter Marchutto

I've been riding for years without a motorcycle license. I decided to become legal by taking the BRC2 because the laws got stricter. Glad I did for two reasons. I don't have to worry now if a cop pulls me over and my skills are so much better now. This is definitely the way to go. Forget your friends and You Tube......Juan Perez

I take the ERC once a year and have taken it with several motorcycle schools in NJ & NY. Your ERC is the best.....Edgar Plfatmar

Great refresher course. Polished my skills......Jen Willmot

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Insurance Discount and Point Reduction

The BRC2 is certified as a NJ-approved  Defensive Driving Course. You will get an insurance discount for successfully completing the course and 2 points will be removed from your driving record if you have any points on your driving record. If you have points removed, you have to wait 5 years to get more points removed by taking the course again. If you want to continue getting the insurance discount, you will have to take the course every 3 years. MVC will remove up to 3 points on your driving record if you go an entire year without getting any points.