Dirt Bike Courses



We now offer two MSF dirt bike courses; the basic Dirt Bike course and the Adventure Course.

Basic Dirt Bike Course

The basic Dirt Bike course gives you the opportunity and experience of riding of a different surface than asphalt, It will help you develop your ability to ride over gravel, sand and other slippery surfaces. It's also an opportunity to do something fun with the kids.The course is open to anyone age 6 and over.  


The course covers basic dirt bike operating skills and the principles for negotiating the varying terrain that the sport of off-highway riding involves. Motorcycles are provided for your use. Many street riders begin as dirt bike riders since the physical operating skills are similar, but the dirt environment is more forgiving than the street. This course is conducted entirely outdoors in an off-highway area. It is not a license waiver course.


Pompton Sport Center on Rt. 23 North in Pompton Plains.



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What the Basic Dirt Bike Course is like

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