Motorcycle Intro Session

We designed the Motorcycle Introductory Session (MIS) for those who are not sure if motorcycling is for them and for those who want some practice getting used to using a clutch before taking the BRC1. 

This 2-hour private lesson will familiarize you with all the motorcycle controls, give you some time to practice using the clutch and throttle and allow you to practice riding in a straight line so you get the feel of what it's like to ride a motorcycle. This is a great way to see if riding a motorcycle is for you and to get some practice using the clutch and throttle before attending the BRC1 with other students who may already have experience using the clutch and throttle. The course is usually conducted as a private one-on-one lesson during the week. 

What Do I Need To Bring and Wear for the MIS?

 You will need the following; 

  1. Demonstrate your ability to ride a bicycle. 
  2. Sturdy over-the-ankle leather footwear.
  3. Durable long pants. (No light material pants).
  4. A long sleeve garment (shirt, sweat shirt, jacket).
  5. Full-fingered gloves.
  6. Eye-protection (glasses, sunglasses, goggles, face-shield).
  7. A DOT (Department of Transportation) motorcycle helmet. (We have some full-face motorcycle helmets available if you do not have a motorcycle helmet).

You will not be allowed to ride the practice riding exercises unless you have the last six items listed above.  

Practice Riding Location

The MIS is held at Montclair State University in parking lot 60 located at 35 Clove Rd in Little Falls behind the student bus platform and the bus garage. (From Rt. 46 East, make a right just before Six Brother's Diner and McDonalds).


The price for the MIS is only $75.

How Do I Sign-up for the MIS?

Call or email us to arrange a date and time.

Here's a Glimpse of What the MIS is Like

Click on the video.

Gift Certificates

If you want to order a Gift Certificate for the MIS for someone, click here.


I took the MIS before taking the BRC1. So glad I did! I have never driven a car with a clutch. John worked with me for awhile until I got the hang of using the clutch and throttle. What a difference. I was able to keep up with the others in the BRC1. In fact, some of the others in the class were struggling and stalling. The MIS is well worth the time and money............Maria Cantarios

My boyfriend tried to teach me how to drive his clutch car a few years ago. Bad, bad experience. I always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle but using the clutch worried me. I decided to try the MIS. Dave was very patient with me and helped me get it. I only stalled the motorcycle once when I took the BRC1. I never stalled after that. Thank you guys. You are really the best..........Gloria Reyes

I wanted to see if motorcycling was for me or not. I took the MIS to see what it was like. Loved the feeling. I'm hooked. Took the BRC1 two weeks later.........Bill Sarkowski

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