Trail Braking Course (TBC)

What is Trail Braking and why should you do it when you ride?

When you slow down your motorcycle by using the brakes, rolling off the throttle or engine braking, the weight shifts forward putting more weight on the front suspension than on the rear suspension. When you ride through a curve/turn, you should have equal weight on the front and rear suspension to maximize traction which is crucial on a motorcycle since you only have two tires holding you up vs. the four you have in your car. You can accomplish this law of physics by trail braking. Trail braking is basically using the throttle and brake(s) simultaneously to slow down and while entering a curve/turn.

When you take the TBC, you will learn the theory and concepts of trail braking and practice trail braking on your own motorcycle on our practice riding range. (Trailing braking is not just for sportbikes. It can and should be used on any type of motorcycle).

Learn how to lean more by leaning less.

Sounds contradictory, doesn't it? Motorcycle riders, in general, only lean their motorcycle up to 30% of it's capability. Why only 30%? Fear of leaning which is the fear of falling. You can actually negotiate your curves/turns better by leaning your motorcycle beyond 30%. You can actually lean your motorcycle more by leaning less. It's called the "Kiss the Mirror" technique. When you take the TBC, you will learn the theory and concept of "Kissing the Mirror" and practice it along with trail braking on your own motorcycle on our practice riding range. 

How long is the TBC and what does it consist of?

The TBC is an all riding 2-hour course (no classroom session) that covers the concepts of trail braking, "Kissing the Mirror" and Delayed Apex, and lets you practice these techniques on your own motorcycle on our large, safe and secure practice riding range.

What Do I Need to Attend the TBC?

Bring yourself on your own motorcycle and wear the following;  

  1. Sturdy over-the-ankle leather footwear.
  2. Durable long pants. (No light material pants).
  3. A long sleeve garment (shirt, sweat shirt, jacket).
  4. Full-fingered gloves.
  5. Eye-protection (glasses, sunglasses, goggles, face-shield).
  6. A DOT (Department of Transportation) motorcycle helmet. 

You will not be allowed to ride the practice riding exercises unless you have all six items listed above. (If you do not have all six items listed above for the practice riding exercises, you will be dismissed from the class and lose your money).

Price & Practice Riding Location

The price for the TBC is only $99.  

The TBC is held at Montclair State University in parking lot 60 located at 35 Clove Rd in Little Falls behind the student bus platform and the bus garage. (From Rt. 46 East, make a right just before Six Brother's Diner). 

How Do I Sign-up for the TBC?

Click here to go to our Course Schedule page and select the class you want to attend. We accept all major credit cards. Click here to READ OUR CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS PAGE BEFORE YOU SIGN-UP FOR A CLASS SO YOU KNOW YOUR OPTIONS ABOUT REFUNDS, SWITCHING CLASSES, NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTEND A CLASS YOU SIGNED-UP FOR, DROPPING OUT OF A CLASS, ARRIVING LATE FOR A CLASS, BEING DISMISSED FROM A CLASS. If a TBC class is not posted, sign-up for our newsletter so you'll be notified when the next one will be held. Also "Like" our Facebook page to be notified when the next one will be held. 

Gift Certificates

If you want to order a Gift Certificate for the TBC for someone, click here.


Love that "Kiss the Mirror" technique.....Ralph Picceriello

The TBC really improved my turning technique......Christoph Aneish

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