The Courses We Offer

Enjoy the freedom and thrill of riding a motorcycle. Get your motorcycle license/endorsement in just 18 hours by taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse (BRC1). We provide the training motorcycle for you to learn on and take the road test.


The Basic RiderCourse (BRC1) is designed for those who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and get their NJ motorcycle license/endorsement. 

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Are you riding around on just a motorcycle permit? Hesitant to take the DMV Road Test on your motorcycle? Get your motorcycle license/endorsement in 12 hours by taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's BRC2 License Waiver course. Not only will you get licensed, you'll also learn valuable techniques and strategies to avoid a crash.


The BRC2 License Waiver course is designed for those who have a valid NJ motorcycle permit, have their own motorcycle (232cc or greater) that is registered and insured in NJ and want to get their NJ motorcycle license/endorsement.

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Already have your motorcycle license/endorsement? Be smart. Keep your riding skills sharp to help you avoid a crash by taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Experienced RiderCourse (ERC/BRC2) every year.


Why do the military, police, firefighters and EMT's train so often? To be prepared for the unexpected. Constant training is one of the best ways to avoid a motorcycle crash. Motorcyclists should take the Experienced RiderCourse (ERC/BRC2) once a year to keep their riding skills sharp so they're prepared for the unexpected.

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Need more practice before riding on the street?


 The Additional Practice Basic RiderCourse (APBRC) is designed for those who completed the BRC1 and want some more practice before riding in the street, and for those who failed the BRC1 Skill Test and want a few more hours of practice before taking it again.

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Never driven a clutch vehicle? Want some practice before taking the BRC1?


 The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME) is designed for those who have never driven a clutch vehicle and for those who are thinking if riding a motorcycle is for them.   

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Crank up your turning skills to a higher level by learning how to trail brake and lean more by leaning less.


The Trail Braking Course (TBC) will show you how to navigate your turns smoother by trail braking and by leaning more by "kissing the mirror".

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What's New

1. The Riding Academy of NJ has been recognized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) as one of the most successful motorcycle training schools in the country. We'll be discussing what we do to be the best at the 2019 MSF Convention in Ohio in September.

2. We're looking for Motorcycle Safety Instructors. Click here for more details. (Ignore the date on the flyer - the correct date is Tuesday, 12/10/19). If you can't make the Orientation Session on 12/10/19, click the red Download button below to print or download a copy of the Instructor application. Then email it back to us.

RANJ in the News

Several newspapers seek our advice frequently about motorcycle safety. Here are the most recent ones;

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New Location

Our new location is Montclair State University.

We moved our classroom location from Big Boyz Toy Box on Shady St. in Paterson and our practice riding location from the KMart in Elmwood Park (KMart lost its lease the end of 10/16 and closed) to the prestigious Montclair State University. The location is easily accessible from several major highways; Rts. 3, 4, 7, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 46, 80, 287, GSP, NJ Turnpike.

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