Retest Options

If you failed the BRC1 or the BRC2 Skill Test, you have several options;

  1. If you took the BRC1 or BRC2 with us, you can retest (take the Skill Test again) with us within 30 days on another day for free. (We are the only motorcycle school in NJ that offers retests for free. Some schools charge for a retest. Some schools don't offer a retest). Call the office for more details about this option.
  2. If you feel you need or want a few more hours of practice to pass the BRC1 Skill Test, you can take the APBRC with us and retest after the practice riding exercises. This option also applies if you took the BRC1 Skill Test with another NJ motorcycle school. See the APBRC page on our website for more details about this option. 
  3. You can register for another BRC1 at the reduced price of $219.
  4. You can take the road test at MVC if you have a valid motorcycle permit.