Why Choose Us?

Our Instructors

1) They don't yell or scream at you. (The biggest complaint about other motorcycle schools. Their instructors will yell at you if you're not doing something correctly). Our instructors know you're learning a new skill. They have the extra patience to work with you and know what to say and do to help you improve without yelling at you.

2) They don't dismiss you quickly if you are struggling during the first few practice riding exercises. (The second biggest complaint about other motorcycle schools. Their instructors are in it for the money and want to get home quickly. They don't want to spend the extra time that may be needed to help you). Our instructors like to get paid too but they are dedicated to helping you learn how to ride a motorcycle and avoid a crash.

3) Our instructors are professional instructors. Almost all of our instructors have years of experience teaching in other fields. Some currently are/or were dance instructors, grammar school teachers, high school teachers, college professors, scuba instructors, airplane instructors, driving instructors, corporate trainers, salespeople, sales trainers, seminar leaders. They know how to impart new knowledge so that you retain it, ease your anxieties and make learning fun. They also give you the best techniques to help you avoid a crash.

To see who our instructors are, click here.

Our Training Motorcycles

1) We have a variety of different sized motorcycles in our fleet; several 125cc Honda Groms, several 125cc Kawasaki Pros, a 200cc Suzuki Van Van, several 250cc Suzuki GZs and a 310 BMW. These motorcycles are considered the best training motorcycles for the BRC1.

2) We keep them in good running condition despite the dents, scratches and nicks. We have certified motorcycle mechanics inspect and service our training motorcycle weekly and they get a full service every year after the training season. Some of the training motorcycles at other motorcycle schools are too big, in terrible running condition. (The third biggest complaint about other motorcycle schools). 

Our Training Facility

Our classroom is air-conditioned and heated with vending machines that provide food and beverages. Our practice riding location is free of potholes, large cracks, sticky tar strips, weeds, gravel, sand and other hazardous debris. It's a great and safe learning environment with a beautiful mountain as a backdrop. Our site is considered by many to be the best site in the State.

Our Ratings

At the end of every class, we have our students rate our motorcycle school with SurveyMonkey. Our overall rating is a 9.8 out of 10. As of this date (3/25/17), we've trained over 7,000 students. No other school has a better rating than us.

Our Former Students

Ask any one of our former students where you should take the course and every one will say "The Riding Academy of NJ". And some of our students have taken courses at other motorcycle schools. That's why we don't do much advertising or have a booth or table at motorcycle-related events. Our students do the advertising for us. They are walking, talking billboards for us.

Our Refund Policy, Free Retests and Discounts

We are the only motorcycle training school in the State of NJ that offers refunds. Check out our Cancellations and Refunds page to see what they are.

AND we are the only motorcycle training school in the State of NJ that offers a free retest if you don't pass the Skill Test on the first attempt. Some motorcycle schools offer no retests and some charge a fee to retest.

We also offer a 10% discount to active and retired military, police, firefighters and EMTs. We appreciate them putting their life on the line for others.

We worked hard to be the best motorcycle training school in NJ by hiring and training the best instructors in the State, and by offering some features and benefits that no other motorcycle training school in NJ offers. And we work even harder to stay the best. Take the course with us and you'll see why we're the best in the State of NJ.